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Wow. Even In The Mouse World, There Are Necrophiliacs


6 Responses to "Wow. Even In The Mouse World, There Are Necrophiliacs"

  1. FranTheBanana says:

    That’s about what my first wife did to me in the divorce.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Captcha: amebae japanning.

    That’s all.

  3. Lubemaster says:

    revenge (and sex) is best served cold

  4. stoopid says:

    sometimes when you dont give a fuck, you get a fuck

  5. philosopher says:

    I was about to say “A necrophiliac mouse? Now I’ve seen everything.” but the title beat me to it.

    Either that mouse has eaten too much of the mouse poison, or not enough.

  6. Buddy Ice says:

    Well if Tom Green can hump a dead moose …