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Wrestling is Gay


17 Responses to "Wrestling is Gay"

  1. Vote for the new generation says:

    That was hella gay, maybe even more gay then english muffins!!!

  2. snarfy says:

    That’s the most fucked up Nike commercial I’ve ever seen!

  3. Flame says:

    Not at all gay. The camera man got it from an angle that made it look different than it actually was. Why don’t all of you homophobes just shutup and play your Basketball. Have fun bumping your ass into other dude’s crotch’s as you “Box Out.”

    And, fyi, it is two women wrestling. Dumbasses

  4. lucky ref says:

    This is women’s wrestling

  5. pale whit guy says:


  6. Shane says:

    Gay wrestling is gay

  7. Xander Cage says:

    Fuck you Holy Taco. wrestling is the most physically demanding sport. not like u twats would know anything about working hard

  8. Heywood Jablomie says:

    If wrestling isn’t gay, then why is one of the wrestlers giving the other head and the ref tossing his salad? By the way, you’re gay too. Learn how to take a fucking joke!!

  9. Xander Cage's mom says:

    your dad is gay for you

  10. pale whit guy says:

    gay wresling is as gay as AIDS

  11. Anonymousone says:

    Yes, it’s very physically demanding to bury your face in another man’s crotch. Physically gay.

  12. king kong dong says:

    you neaver go ass to mouth

  13. Jacwing says:

    Eeee… that`s women wrestling. Look at hair above red ass… ;)

  14. Hoe-mo-fobe says:

    Those are surely women… not quite so gay now. Still gay though…

  15. wifebeater says:

    No it’s just a dude with really long hair….so now its super gay.

  16. Mr. Beaner says:

    I love wrestling, it’s so cool.

  17. DonkeyXote says:

    Takes buttmuching to a whole new level