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Wuh-Whoa! Your Twitter and Facebook Posts Affect Your Chances At Getting a Job!

Reppler posted the resutls of a recent survey of 300 people in suits who are in charge of, or at least part of the hiring process where they work has shown that what you’re putting on your social media outlets could be keeping you from getting a job. Seven out of ten of them said that they have turned down job candidates because of something they saw on Facebook or Twitter. That’ll make you think twice about throwing up that album of photos with you and the sorority girls you met in Mexico, or saying something like “Everyone at my old job was a total knob!” Since what you’re posting affects your chances at scoring the job in a negative way, it probably also affects them in a positive way, so try going that route when you’re job hunting. Post something like “Last day at my old job. SO GLAD I LEFT ON GOOD TERMS!”

You can’t live your life in some sort of police state, but you can do yourself a huge favor and balance out your ridiculously self-destructive posts with something that might paint you in a better light. For example, if the day after a game you post something like “I can’t believe the Eagles are blowing it this early in the season, I hope they all die in a fiery plane crash!” offset it the following day by posting something like “Had to skip buying groceries this week, sent my last forty dollars to UNICEF! But those kids need it more than I do.”

You see how that works? If you really want to push it, maybe say two decent this for every asshole comment you make, but don’t go overboard or your motives might become too clear. The words you’re putting up online are important, but photos can say much much more. With the ever-presence of camera phones and the ability to post photos and tag the people in them instantly, there’s no ability to make a judgement call. You’ll have to remedy your stupid photos after the fact. You could try taking them down, or untagging yourself, but that would be a futile effort. That picture of you funneling a beer down your throat while giving the finger will live on the internet forever, wether you like it or not. If you’re posting pictures of your partying hard, just balance that out with pictures of you working hard.

For example, you post something like this:

Follow it up with something like this:

Maybe caption it with “I find putting in extra hours at work incredibly satisfying! Even if I’m not getting paid overtime, LOL!”

So there you go, we’ve saved you once again from destroying yourself. Now you can nail that job. And if you’re searching for employment somewhere really shitty, then just disregard all this and put whatever you want on your Facebook. And go ahead and get that neck tattoo.

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