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Yahoo Answers: Will My Future Wife Like My Black Crotch?

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Well, I think we can all rest easy knowing that this is a "resolved question."

23 Responses to "Yahoo Answers: Will My Future Wife Like My Black Crotch?"

  1. lmao-laughinmyassoff says:

    haha reading through these i was laughing my ass off how did this shit get all racial grape soda watermelon and fried chicken hahaha every black persons favorites….. here i got one
    1) what are three things a black guy cant get??
    a) a black eye
    a busted lip
    and a job!!

    hahaha i crak my self up

  2. chris chugg-E says:

    so you guys must be so happy to be white that youd bone your own family to maintain the aryan race fuck your moms kill all crackers

  3. Ziiiing says:

    Holy crap! I actually saw this on Yahoo Answers! Now I wish I had answered it.

  4. Hahaha says:

    Hahahaha Americans really are on another planet arnt they. What year do you think this is 1856!! I cant believe after all this time people still have opinions about other races like the ones posted on here.
    Hahahahaha. I’m so glad I have a brain.

  5. Blake says:

    This brings me back to the oft quoted schoolyard quip, “Well, I’m 1/4 German, 1/2 English, 1/4 hispanic and one part Black” Insert actual ethnicity before the black.

  6. marcel says:

    Please delete the comment by Tyler and maybe sasquatch its really racist and dumb.


  7. Anonymous says:

    shut the hell up

  8. Edwordrules says:

    Well, you know what they say. Once you go black, you never go back!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    They also say “Once you go white , you knowww you’ve gone right!”

  10. TROO THAT!! says:


  11. sasquatch says:

    don’t most white guys wish they had black cocks?

  12. Oh Hell No (: says:

    wtf is that supposed to mean.
    you dumb ass bitch.
    i dont like grape kool-aid & watermelons.
    i dont have a big ass nose nor,
    prison fellonies bitch.
    my hair is nice and combd.
    and its a nice length.
    so FUCkkk you Nigga (;

  13. Tyler says:

    Don’t most black guys wish they had:
    1. A brain
    2. An education
    3. Opportunites
    4. Money
    5. No prison sentence
    6. No affinity for grape soda, watermelon, and fried chicken
    7. Hair that could actually be combed
    8. Slimmer noses
    9. Lips smaller than a jumbo jet
    10.Role models other than rappers and athletes (ok Obama’s 1/2)
    11.No sickle cell anemia (ok that was going too far)
    12.The ability to hail a cab
    13.The ability to talk their way out of a traffic ticket
    14.A better retirement plan then pawning BLING
    15.Less junk in the trunk

  14. Paul says:

    Well it looks like its back to masturbation for this guy, no girl wants a circus freak cock, try doing porn for shock value bro, that would be my advise..

  15. Wonders of life says:

    The reasoning for his black crotch is different masturbation techniques. Your hand wont make your cock go black, meaning he must have fucked something that discolored his pecker. Id like for all of you to come with suggestions to what may have blackened his schlong.

    So far Ive come up with the blackness might be a long term result of humping oil, ink, shoe polish, filth (furthermore never washing) and/or Wesley Snipes.

    Please I myself need to know what I can/cant screw, what chemicals likely to be found in any household may be hazardous to my foreskin?

  16. Anonymous! says:


  17. captain_pessimism says:

    Shut up you fucking goody good prick. They’re mostly true anyway…

  18. YourMOM says:

    Oh please. Nobody says that.

  19. feistyhannah says:

    you got that right.

  20. jemis says:

    once you’ve gone black, white don’t take back

  21. Pratik says:

    What the hell kind of masturbation does this guy do? Actually I don’t wanna know.

  22. jonnnyyy says:

    yeah my previous 3 gf’s dated black guys before me so yeah anybody can go back

  23. Buckweed says:

    That’s why she’s not with you anymore, clearly.