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Yep, This Is A Bacon Bra

bacon bra

I don’t think you can buy this anywhere, but it’s just nice to know that somewhere, at some point, a woman (who needs to take the ol’ razor to her armpits, by the way) was wearing a bra made only out of bacon. I know bacon has been celebrated for many reasons already. But it’s now time to add “it can also hold up boobs” to the long list of reasons why it is the world’s greatest food. Delicious.

via GorillaMask.net

3 Responses to "Yep, This Is A Bacon Bra"

  1. Chaosman says:

    Wow, my two favorite B-words together at last. Boobies and Bacon

  2. wallyj says:

    Hmmmm,breakfast in bed never looked so good.

  3. Bacon says:

    If it wern’t for that nasty armpit stubble this would be the greatest picture in all history. Shame shame…