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You Can Do Pretty Much Anything In Alabama

Some people in this world are winners. They don’t settle for second best. If they see someone grabbing one brass ring, then they grab two. If they see someone having sex with one teenage boy on a baseball team, well, then they have sex with…eight. According to dailymail.co.uk:

Julie Pritchett began a relationship with a 15-year-old boy in February inthe town of Trussville, Alabama. The 34-year-old married teacher later approached other members of the team for sex.

The sex acts were initiated by Pritchett, who used several methods of approaching the boys, Christian said. Some of the acts took place on the school’s campus and others at the homes of the victims.

Police spokesman Sgt. Christian described her as a ‘sexual predator’.

‘When you have eight victims, all young people, all students, that she had great influence on, I don’t think it’s wrong to characterise her that way,’ he said.

You just have to admire gumption like that. It’s the Julie Pritchett’s that make America great. Sleeping with 8/9ths of a starting baseball squad takes dedication, perseverence and a lot of lube.

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10 Responses to "You Can Do Pretty Much Anything In Alabama"

  1. Dr Joe says:

    Hello Mrs Robinson ;-) Where was Mrs Pritchett when I was in high school. Damn I would tap that :-)

  2. Squirty McGee says:

    Something tells me she didn’t need the lube.

  3. Buddy Ice says:

    The clue isn’t in the 8/9ths she screwed, it’s in the 1/9th she didn’t.
    The teacher isn’t a sexual predator; she’s a gambling addict. She probably bet on the high school county finals for baseball, and her team lost because the pitcher walked in the winning run. So to teach the pitcher a lesson she banged everyone else on the team except him.

  4. what a fucking ugly bitch! says:

    jesus christ I wouldn’t slip it in that lump of poorly managed fecal matter if the bitch paid me!

  5. Greg says:

    ugh, I wanted to make a comment along the lines of, “why would they do her? she’s fat.” but really, who am I kidding, I’d hit it.

  6. Joe says:

    VICTIMS? Please. The only way they are victims is if something like this happened:

    Julie: BWAHA I’ve got you now! I’m gonna fuck your brains out!
    Guy: *sob* please no!! I’ve gotta get home and tell my mom about my day at school!! I beg of you…
    Julie: Oh yea? *HUMP* You can’t do anything now!
    Guy: Noooo… Oh please make it stop. I’m sorry Jesus…

  7. Buddy Ice says:

    Joe, if that happened they wouldn’t be victims, they’d be homosexuals.

  8. tombot says:

    Reminds me of being in gym at school I was always picked last……..
    last in soccer, last in basketball, last at eating the ass out of some teacher.

  9. tbo says:

    i don’t know if i would hit that no…but when i was 15 – for sho!

  10. Danny says:

    At ANY age I wouldn’t hit THAT! I’d almost rather be ‘homo’ than suffer through that! Of all the pedo female teachers that are famous for the wrong reasons…she’s the only one I DON’T wish I had as a teacher…