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You Can Lead An Ass To Water…Unless You’re Ass Naked

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22 Responses to "You Can Lead An Ass To Water…Unless You’re Ass Naked"

  1. me me and me says:

    naked fat man makes me very sick…
    im going to cry now.

  2. 650DOG says:

    All the naked guy has to do is turn around and bend over and the ass will join him,ya know one ass to another..

  3. Philosopher 2 says:

    I hate philosopher 1, hes so fake trying to copy off me.

  4. I like Ketamine says:

    The Donkey is naked too

  5. Pissopher says:

    How much do want to bet you’ve never ventured beyond the suburb you were born in?

  6. faillotsopher says:

    how much do you want to bet, that your penis will never see the inside of a vagina that’s not a blood relative?

  7. philosopher says:

    how much do you want to bet, that that country still has the bubonic plague?

  8. This girl is hot! says:

    Philosopher that ass is you!

  9. Old Guy says:

    This is the fifth fuckin’ time Grampa has tried to drown himself in the sewer. I’m SICK of pulling his demented ass out!

  10. spm08588 says:

    i can’t believe nobody said ‘get your ass in the water, NOW!’

  11. gay philosopher says:

    I’m into minorities.

  12. douchebag says:

    naked dude has never met a doughnut he didn’t like.

  13. fat phuck says:

    I met a donut I didn’t like once. I ate it out of spite.

    Take that, stupid donut!

  14. The guy on a break says:


  15. Taco Diarrhea says:

    Neato fortune telling. Do one for me. Please Please Please.

  16. That Was Awesome. says:

    Alright seriously dude.
    Philosopher you gotta change your name if you don’t want to get ragged on for the rest of your holy taco eating life. This is getting pretty bad.

    From reading your posts and checking out what you’ve basically been into. I can tell you have WAY too much time at home…you don’t have too many close friends, maybe one. But i suspect that you like to read a lot and it makes you feel smarter than others around you. I think you could be a guy, early 20′s, bigger build, you really like your porn collection (not a jab, just saying because of the comments you make on chicks) You are probably slightly socially backwards, you want to say things to come off witty or to be accepted but it back fires.

    Id say your a states kid, probably west coast. Somewhere with trees. havn’t gone out in a while. Probably not the best start in your childhood but thats not your fault. You hate to lose, and if it cant be your fault it has to be the entire worlds’.

    But who knows, i could be complety off on this one. But I just think you should know that you only cause yourself harm and further disfunction if you keep this up. Go outside, think about what you want and focus on that. The rest of us can just type whatever the hell we want and go back to our lives but you, you are obsessed. EVERY pic, all the time, all the way through these posts you leave your mark.

    Go and live life, because your the only one dieing in here. the rest of us just do this dumb shit for our lunch breaks.

    - Fucknut

  17. Cracked up says:

    Dude you have no idea!
    I was laughing so hard when i read this! There’s still tears in my eyes. Maybe it’s cause i’m dead tired but right now in my eyes Mr. Fucknut you are the funniest person i have ever not met!

  18. That Was Awesome says:

    Your future says. You are also awesome. Good job!

  19. Thunderscrotum says:

    Almost as gay as a guy who says “EFFIN” instead of “FUCKIN.”

  20. Newbs. says:


  21. That Was Awesome says:

    Obviously Im both dude. why else would i waste my time on this awesome site. BTW YOUR AWESOME too.

  22. Paul says:

    Which one is That Was Awesome the fat naked guy or the ass?