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You Can’t Stop Old Asians From Playing Cards

Have you ever tried to stop a card game between a few old people? You’d have an easier time getting an elk carcass away from a pride of lions. According to Ananova:

More than 20 vehicles were involved in the pile-up on a motorway in Luoyang, Henan province, which caused three deaths, two critical injuries and left dozens more hurt.

A journalist from China News Network arrived at the scene to find three people, an old couple and a middle-aged woman, sitting right in front of a wrecked truck and playing cards.

“It looked like they didn’t know what was happening at all,” said the shocked journalist, Zhao Xiaoli.

Sure, there’s a crushed dump truck behind you and a few corpses littering the street…but grandpa just drew a full house on the turn, so you might as well finish this hand before the ambulance gets there.

5 Responses to "You Can’t Stop Old Asians From Playing Cards"

  1. Jason says:

    brackjack mudda fucka!

  2. chris says:


  3. Seth says:

    I dunno, maybe they were stuck in the shitty traffic right behind the accident and said “fuck this shit, lets play some fuckin cards till they clean this shit up.”

  4. Bobo Platter # 5 says:

    I work in Chinatown and Asians typically live in a bubble. This bubble extends about 1ft around their body. They don’t pay any attention or care about anything outside said bubble. Retards.

  5. anio says:

    maybe they just use it to stay away from your body oder.