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You Dirty, Dirty Grandmas


11 Responses to "You Dirty, Dirty Grandmas"

  1. Sean says:

    They’re Asian – they don’t even know what they are.

  2. svetlana says:

    typical gooks cock suckers

  3. Pierre says:

    Is it gay that i want to get a popsicle like that and eat it while i interview people for job positions?

  4. Pierre says:

    I mean cocksicle

  5. dane says:

    the one on the left?

  6. inkngrease says:

    that’s the biggest penis a woman has ever seen in asia.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ha, I’ve taken bigger one than this in Warez at the donkey shows

  8. ballzinurface says:

    I’d do em both

  9. Godless says:

    the lef one definatley is oversized

  10. my kitty says:

    ooooooo $5 suckie fuckie!!!!

  11. BigBen says:

    no thats being a dick but not gay.