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You Don’t Win Friends With Rat Salad

Most of the time I like to celebrate the little cultural differences that span the globe. I like that we aren’t all one homogenous race of people all sharing the same likes and dislikes. This is not one of those times. Apparently people in a small Taiwanese village devour rats like potato chips. According to dzrbenson.com:

Both Restaurants in a Taiwan village display hairless rat carcasses in their kitchen windows before chopping off the heads and throwing the pint-sized bodies and tails into pots.

Both restaurants are full at meal times as the rat race for gnawing customers reaches fever pitch.

“Most people who come in here at first have a psychological barrier, but once they take a bite, they don’t mind.

The rats grow up on crops from fields surrounding the village of Lucao in Chiayi county – which means they are not dirty rats from sewers.

Oooooh, they’re not from sewers? Well thank God. Let’s fire a couple dozen up for the Super Bowl party. On a personal note, I actually ate guinea pig a few years ago at a Peruvian restaurant. It was basically on a dare from my friends (after I dared myself to drink 11 Coronas.) It was served to me whole while splayed out on a bed of potatoes and minor wisps of whiskers still poked out from it’s smiling cheek. As I dug my fork into its tiny, nearly-meatless haunch I took a bite of what tasted like wet dog hair. I politely smiled at my waiter, put my fork down and forced myself to swallow the only bite of guinea pig I will ever put in my mouth. I’m no zoologist, but I’m pretty sure guinea pig = rat in the flavor spectrum.

2 Responses to "You Don’t Win Friends With Rat Salad"

  1. Steve says:

    That shit was just not cooked right, you have to marinate it in babys blood , mothers milk and wolf piss for three years before you roast it, on a spit over an open fire yo!
    Then that shit is KILLER!!!!!!!!!

  2. Festie says:

    Oh….Mi…God…How did you do it????