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You Had Me At “Free Condoms”


17 Responses to "You Had Me At “Free Condoms”"

  1. summer the savage says:

    It’s really too bad for the half of you that are so obviously paling in your education. AIDS is believed to have been started by a Canadian (CAUCASIAN) flight attendant who, indeed, fucked a chimp. Trust me kids, if it was due to African Americans, AIDS would have been around muchhh longer, or have we forgotten that we have all descended from the original humans, who lived in Africa? (:

  2. yamy jerk it too much says:

    9 homies and a burnt nugget. Just the way it oughta be.

  3. Ohai says:

    i am a scientist and this is not true

  4. A Aries says:

    …can’t we all…just get along out here ?? :-O

  5. clubf00t says:

    u crazy kids with ur crazy diseases. no but seriously only niggers spread VDs. big black man u start 2 wear condoms damn u

  6. Mark Sanford says:

    DonkeyXote: fyi the first person to contract aids was a male trisexual French Canadian flight attendant who had sex with a green monkey while in Africa. We’re all hoping he infects you soon, you ignoramus.

  7. Marco? says:


  8. Polo says:


  9. shit sock says:

    U people are hilarious thnxs for the laughs.

  10. DonkeyXote says:

    If it wasn’t for horny niggers fucking chimps back in Africa, we wouldn’t have AIDS today.

  11. Big Red says:

    Yeah. Pretty much. And I am a scientist so it must be true.

  12. The Voice says:

    Yeah, well if it wasn’t for rednecks fucking their siblings we wouldn’t have retards like you.

  13. Oscar Martinez says:

    I wish I nigger would play in my back patio

  14. Big Red says:

    @The Voice

    As a scientist, I can confirm that this is also true.

  15. Big Red says:

    @The Voice

    But please don’t say “retard,” you’ll anger The Palin.

  16. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:

    Hey Martinez, shoulden’t you be pulling weeds in my garden?

  17. justin says:
    Well, at least there aren’t any offensive AIDS comments that I have to delete.