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“You’re the Dog Now, Man!”

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10 Responses to "“You’re the Dog Now, Man!”"

  1. nanaples88 says:

    hi… here in Italy probably there will be a kind of “dog licence” for aggressive dog’s holder. Everytime your dog bites someone you lose some score until you don’t have any left and (I think, it’s not yet sure!) you lose your dog, too..
    Nice web-site… a couple of month that I found it… Greetings from Naples

  2. Master Of None says:

    that’s gotta be photoshopped, dogs can’t sit like that, like a human can.

  3. add unlimited messaging for just $20/month says:

    Dude, Philosopher hasn’t been Master Of None in like forever. He’s Nemesis now. Keep up.

  4. mee nigga says:

    thats micheal vicks nightmare

  5. Adam Tod Brown says:

    Man, I hope at least one of you regular commenters gets that reference in the title. Think Tupac!

  6. MrKillson says:

    I don’t listen to nigger beats.

  7. Anonymousblah says:

    I was more thinking Sean Connery.

  8. This girl is hot! says:

    Kool I made the very first comment!!

    Also the girl in the other picture, with the blue strip in her boobs is hot.

    I would make no comment about this picture besides that looks like Philosopher in the park!

  9. joey says:

    nice chop, damn that shit looks real. i second to killsons comment.

  10. jewish guy says:

    lol another typical non jewish american